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At Sharing Energy we believe that a combination of our therapeutic equipment, purified water, detoxification, relaxation and healthy eating, the body is able to heal itself. Our therapeutic equipment includes; The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Hothouse, Electro Reflex Energizer, E-Power, AlleviAider and Soqi Bed.

Imagine yourself with Perfect Health! Are you ready?

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soqi bed

Health Care for the 21st Century. 

Oxygen, Energy, Light and Sound Therapy

reverse osmosis water purification systems

Since your body is 70% water, drinking purified water without contaminants is your best choice. Your body will love you for it!

vit-ra-tox detoxification products

We've been told there is only one disease - Toxemia. By reducing and eliminating toxins, the body can heal itself.