About Sharing Energy

jeff kowalski - sharing energyJeff Kowalski  started researching natural health and alternative therapies at age 22 due to his own poor health. He started off detoxifying his body with the VIT-RA-TOX seven day cleansing program and when he eliminated black, smelly tar-like substance, he became a believer. At age 24 he eliminated white flour and white sugar from his diet.

After reading a book titled "Water Can Undermine Your Health," by Dr. Walker, Jeff became interested and saw the value of drinking purified water. Dr. Walker stated the fluid part of your blood is 90% distilled water. Reports claim that Dr. Walker lived to be 119 years old. Jeff started using and promoting water purifiers in 1990. There’s over 2,000 contaminants, including pharmaceuticals that have been found in America’s drinking water. That’s why Jeff and his family only drink purified water.

Jeff was introduced to the Original Sun Ancon Chi machine in 1998. At first he had little interest in even trying the machine, since he already was detoxifying, drinking pure water, eating a clean diet and exercising. After one week of using the Chi Machine, he felt relief from tight muscles in his neck and back from two car accidents. He also noticed improvement from seasonal allergies. After getting such quick results himself, he started introducing other people to the Chi Machine. Hundreds of people also got quick results and started purchasing the Chi Machine through Jeff.

That was over 30 years ago and Jeff feels better today than he did at age 22. He continues to help peole with detoxification, diet change, pure water and with many different natural alternative machines. Jeff’s goal is to live to 120 plus years and to be as active as he is today.